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Thermal | Adempira Spa & Thermal Hotel

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Thermal | Adempira Spa & Thermal Hotel

It has been scientifically proven that the red thermal water, whose source is in the area where our hotel is located, has a healing effect in the treatment of many diseases. The temperature of the red water varies between 36-40 degrees.

Diseases for which Red Water is Recommended for Treatment
• Rheumatic disorders,
• Waist-cervical hernia, sciatica, calcification,
• Circulatory system disorders,
• Elimination of postoperative stiffness and stiffness,
• Insomnia and fatigue,
• Rehabilitation of stress and all stress-related disorders,
• Skin and skin diseases,
• Revitalization of cells in nails, hair and skin,
• Elimination of muscle spasms,
• Treatment of neuralgia, neuritis, arthrosis, gout and colitis,
• Stomach and esophagus disorders,
• It can be used as a complementary treatment element for osteoporosis and calcium needs.

When the mud in red water is applied to the skin;
• Opening pores,
• Softening the skin,
• Eliminates problems such as acne and pimples with its antiseptic effect,
• Reducing stretch marks and cellulite,
• It has effects such as removing wrinkles and removing warts.

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